Python Port Tool

1 minute read

I’ve been busy writing a tool in Python the last few days, here’s what I did and what I will do next with it.

The tool

First of all “what is this tool” you may ask, well this is a tool that intrdouced me to socket programming in python. Along with some extra stuff, so that’s pretty cool. I handled IO in this tool and more. It’s a tool to check ports one at a time because I don’t know yet how to deal with multiple ports, once that is feasible, including timeouts, I’ll be extremely happy.

The source code

The source code of this tool is publicly available on Github and needs improvement, as it is sloppy. You can find it at this repo: Python Port Tool, I hope others will help me improve it.

Here’s what the repo looked like a bit earlier:

My repository just earlier

Here’s what part of my code looks like:

Partial code snippet of the tool I wrote

The IO

As it’s still far from finished, and I need to work on it further, the IO is a bit sloppy. This is what it looks like currently:

Input and Output of the tool currently

The current state of the output of html requests of the tool

So all in all, it still needs a lot of work to be done completely. Also I can’t wait until the next post. See you then!