How I Set-Up My Blog (part 1)

1 minute read

This blog obviously didn’t come from the sky, even though I host it on a VPS somewhere in the cloud. In this post I detail partially about how I set-up my site. Next post will feature a lot more information

I recently decided to set-up a blog due to the fact I wanted to keep track of my learning efforts, etc. for the future. Thus I started out trying to set it up on GitHub pages. The URL I wanted to use was I tried some things out, which are visible in the below screenshots:

the early github pages site didn’t feature much

the first post on github pages

As you can see, it wasn’t as fancy as my site is now. I couldn’t really use custom plugins, as GitHub Pages doesn’t like them. This led me to considering hosting the site myself. As you may or may not be aware I had a VPS hosting another site, which I didn’t do much with (and which wasn’t really developed). This domain now hosts my current site.

The old site had an image overlaying most of the page

I did decide to use jekyll because I used it on GitHub Pages as well. I set-up jekyll according to the docs. Then my VPS at Digital Ocean hung. So I decided to power-cycle it.

This was the start of a journey into finally setting up my site which I hadn’t done in a long time. Stay tuned for the follow-up to this post, which will come very soon. Until next time!