Of the past and the Present or a Tale of Time (part 1)

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As you may be aware I use computers for a long time and messed around with them a lot. Therefore I got a variety of knowledge. This post tries to recap it in years and if necessary will get edited. As it is a quick summary of multiple years of computer programming, studying, learning, downloading, messing around with computers, and more, it may not be 100% accurate or contain all information. I will do my best to update it as needed

2000 to 2005

I was about one or two years of age when I started using the computer. first started downloading and setting wallpapers when I was about 2 years of age. I played games at the age of 3. That was around 2002. I started messing with text editors and files in around 2005 I think. (Not entirely sure though, but I started editing files in the text editor on Windows at around the time I think).

2006 to 2009

In the time that followed I may have started messing more with games, downloading, and so on. In this time mostly nothing important happened, though, as I was limited in what I could do on the computer. I tried to see how my older brother changed the time left on the computer but I didn’t figure it out pretty much. Though I still messed around here and there. And was able to download things, etc.

2010 to 2015

At around 2010 I had used the computer a lot for school and I got my first smartphone. In the years that followed I started messing around with C, HTML, BASIC, and more. Basically I used very old computers at a family member’s place. Here we would do a lot of things with C64s, Amigas, Atari’s, and more.

A couple of old computers are viewable here

I also started using Linux intensively at this time. I used Gentoo, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, and many more, often heavily modified. One of the OSes were elementary OS. It was really a pain to use, though I really learnt a lot from it personally. A site I like a lot is distrowatch, as you can view a lot of linux distributions there.

As you can see I used elementary os at a time

Later I used Gentoo like I said, which was a mess, as I used an external drive. Due to this, compiling took long and would often faile, which is visible in the next picture.

It hurt to compile actually for Gentoo as my laptop was slow and the external drive too

I also started to gain an interest in computer security, at this time I used a batch file at school to acess the C:\ drive when they limited our use of computer. I used subst using eg the command in subst X: C:\ combined with the following batch code, named: toetsH3rekenen.bat as IT accidentally allowed batch files once and i was doing a basic mathematics test when I felt bored.

Sourcecode of toetsH3rekenen.bat:

 @echo off
color 0
title @ %CD%
set /p "command= path> "
goto Input

@echo off 
subst S: C:\

I had no idea what it did, but it worked. When I reported it, they didn’t patch it and removed my file, this I had expected, so I had it backed up and downloaded it. Afterwards years later I reported again, but that will be in a later blogpost. At this time we alsohad project sites at school and I found accidentally out that XSS was possible on them. I added fellow students to the projects, as I had no idea what XSS was, I added the project title or content similar to:

<script>alert("Hi, how are you?")</script>

Which wasn’t that appreciated by them actually.

also I used custom ROMs and rooted my phone a lot. I messed with BASIC at the time with code on real commodore 64s which was eg similar to:

10 GOTO 40
30 GOTO 50
40 GOTO 20
50 END

And at the same time i tried to make some text-adventure game with C but I never got further than some basic code (which I may post later too).

If I can find images they will be added to this post.

Also: a later post will explain how I set-up this blog, the years following this (for which I will update this post to link to it), and in greater detail. Be sure to check back!