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Recent Posts

Python Port Tool

1 minute read

I’ve been busy writing a tool in Python the last few days, here’s what I did and what I will do next with it.

Network analysis

2 minute read

There’s been some malicious seeming traffic on the home network, in this post I go and detail what happened, as it is a long story I will try to keep it brie...

python programming

3 minute read

**As you know I like to mess with programming, in this article I describe how I deal with new concepts and how I tend to work. **

Xbox modding

3 minute read

As you may not know, I like to mess with consoles and hardware, I’m a member of a hackerspace. Anyway, I received an original xbox last October. It was a ver...

About my Facebook Ban

4 minute read

Earlier this year I discovered I was banned from Facebook, in this blog I will detail about it and how Facebook doesn’t do anything to validate ban reasons, ...