|| Info About TheRealProcyon

TheRealProcyon AKA CĂ©listine is a developer and aspiring hacker. She first came into contact with the worldwideweb when she was a young kid. She knew how to download stuff at 2, and that helped her out a lot. She didn't decide to work in the computer industry at first, until she came into contact with a Linux Laptop of her brother. She decided to use it as her brother abandoned it, and she fell in love with it at first sight. Soon she wanted to install Custom ROMs on her phone but her parents weren't happy with that idea, because her brother didn't succeed in it and he had bricked his phone. Once a few phones later she did anyway, first failing but in the end she succeeded and was happy. She had tried many Linux distros and some time later got stuck with using Windows 10. She is pro-FOSS and loves to talk about technology. If you want to contact her (AKA me), you can do so via:

Twitter (@therealprocyon)

or e-mail: procyon[at]fl0[dot]co

Anyway, she is also on Discord under the username: "CĂ©listine || TheRealProcyon 💖#0001" (without quotes)